Downtown Coalition's mission is to provide our community members such as seniors, single parents, veterans, newcomers, and those living with mobility issue and disabilities with support. 
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Steps on how to register:
1) Fill in the personal information section. 
2) Provide a brief description of why you are registering for this program. 
3) Please provide any information regarding your allergies and dietary restriction to better tailor your Yellow Bag.
4) You may select more then one food item as well as list any other food items that you may need. 
5) Provide some detailed information for example the amount of family members in your house hold. 
6) Select other services that you currently use at Downtown Coalition, and or information that you would like to receive regarding additional services.
7) Lastly, please read through the agreement policy, sign and submit the form.
Please note: If any additional information is required or concerns arise we will contact you. 
Due to high volume of applicants please give approximate 2 weeks for a Downtown Coalition team member to contact you. However, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the application please feel free to contact us at (416) 546-9156 or