$350 Challange!

Did you know?

You may not know that in Toronto Canada in the year 2020 that there are adult Canadian Citizens that receive an income as low as $350 per month  until they have secured employment.

Why Take the Challenge?

Support Unemployed Canadians 

We are asking you to show your support for unemployed and underemployed  Canadians by taking this $350 challenge today. Your contribution will go to supporting local community members in need of support as well as to assist the Downtown Coalition future Job Development program. Participants may choose to donate their full income for one month or to donate a portion of their income today. 

How to get started!

Take the $350 Challenge today!

1. Start off by becoming a member 

2. Take a Picture of your pay-stub or paycheck that you will donate and email the picture directly to our Downtown Coalition -services@downtowncoalition.org. 

3. Provided your donation - select the Get Involved icon above on our Get Involved page then select Donate. You can donate the full portion of your income after deducting the $350 directly to our Gofundme. You can also donate bi -weekly instalments as per your pay cheque. 

3. Log or Vlog your journey and share it to our Social Media page with the heading $350 Challenge.

4. Sign up to receive your I am Your Downtown Coalition $350 Challenge T-shirt.

5. Request Downtown Coalition $350 Challenge updates by filling out the contact form on our main page with the Subject heading: $350 Challenge update.

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