Downtown Coalition T's "YELLOW"

Downtown Coalition T's "YELLOW"

The Downtown Coalition is so excited to make our T-shirts available to the members of our community that supports the efforts the we do to make the Downtown area a better place. The T-shirt has our logo with our beautiful city CN-Tower and Dome in the background. The logo along with our slogan "Stop and Help Them" reminds us to continue to take action, pay attention and provide help anywhere and everywhere we can. 100% of the proceeds goes back into developing our clients and our community.  


    All customers and donors are required to follow all manufacturer's instructions on how to care for and clean T-shirts. 


    The Downtown Coalition Return and Refund policy.  Due to this limited time offer there are no returns or refunds for this item. However, T-shirts can be exchanged if there is a problem with a product e.g (size). 


    Our shipping policy. Additional charges may apply for shipment within and outside of the GTA.